9 Reasons Why Wooden Products Are the Most Sustainable Solution for Your Home

The biggest advantage cited by interior designers for the preferred use of wood for home interiors is the modern, classic aspect they offer. Depending on what you want as the homeowner, a wooden finish, door, or shelf can add a rustic, warm, and unique quality to your home. If you are eco-friendly and also want your home décor or refurbishment to have the lowest carbon footprint possible, wood is the way to go. If your wood supplier is FSC-certified, then many experts will recommend that you select wood for your floors, furnishings, fittings, cabinets, and doors. Below are some reasons why wood is the most sustainable option for your home:


It’s renewable

Unlike many materials out there, wood is one of the few resources that is grown off the ground and can be planted to generate more. This makes it one of the most renewable materials offered by nature. According to the British Woodworking Commission, over 90% of the wood used in the UK is sourced from Europe, where over 600,000 hectares of forest is grown every year. This statistic is an indicator that wood is likely to be available for quite a long time to come. It also shows that wood is less likely to have a severe impact on the environment compared to other materials.

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It can be incredibly durable

If durability is your priority, you should not have to use stone, concrete, or anything cold and non-homely. Depending on the type and quality of wood, treatment, and location in which the wooden fitting is installed, wood is very durable and can last over 100 years. If you are looking to improve your home with classic material, choose wood. With the right maintenance, cleaning, and repair, wooden products will offer excellent value for your money.


It can be reused and recycled

Another significant advantage of wood being so durable is its capacity for reuse and recycling, which makes it eco-friendly. Many factories are opting to use recycled wooden materials rather than fresh pulp to generate products like toilet paper so that natural resources are conserved. Moreover, if you are looking for a unique piece with a vintage, classic feel, pore through the internet for reclaimed wooden furniture. Worn wooden materials may offer better aesthetic function than brand new items made of other materials. If you want to reuse a used item, a fresh coat of varnish often does the trick.


Versatility and customization

As soon as the wood is obtained from its source, it can be fashioned into any shape and size provided that you seek the services of a talented and skilled craftsman. This versatility means that you can also have a product made to suit your creative and innovative ideas. There are also special tools and machines that will make you a product with unique shapes and style as per your specifications. The combination of traditional skill and modern technology has seen remarkable works of art derived from previously shapeless wood.



Since the medieval ages, wood has been the material of choice in making many structures in construction, especially doors and windows. Besides, everyone wants a home that is lovely and elegant. For wood, that edge of sophistication comes naturally, especially with the right varnish coating. Wooden finishes are an inexpensive way to transform your home into a minimalist, but dazzlingly elegant living space. Again, displaying your wooden phone case, business card holders, or mouse pad will portray far more class than plastics or PVC.


It provides a relaxing ambiance

Another reason why you want to use wood in your home is the positive impact it has on your home’s living value. Having a natural material over manmade alternatives has been proven to have positive effects, including anxiety and stress reduction. The same calming and relaxing effect that nature has in the outdoors is the same when you use wooden fittings in your homes. The earthy hues that wood has have been found to have an incredibly calming and warm effect.


It is excellent in heat retention

Do you want to make significant savings in your electricity costs from air conditioning? Wood is the way to go. Its cellular makeup makes wood a bad conductor of heat and thus a very effective heat retainer. It also has air pockets within its structure that trap heat. Compared to ceramic tiles, a wooden floor will retain up to seven times more heat, which means that you will be able to enjoy walking barefoot at home.

Wood waste is biodegradable

Biodegradability is the biggest advantage of wood over many materials, especially PVC. During installation, very little material is wasted, and the resulting wood chippings can be burned for energy. Sawdust is also used as packing material in many industries. Other waste material generated falls to the earth and is quickly acted on by anaerobic bacteria to produce relatively harmless materials. PVC, on the other hand, takes around one thousand years to fully degrade, which is practically non-biodegradable.


Easy maintenance

If you have a wooden item or floor, all you need is to dust it often or polish it with a wood-friendly cleaner, and your furniture will look just as dazzling as it did when you bought it. You will also have to monitor wooden structures closely for termite infestation or water damage so that repair is done before it is too late. You also need to protect them from sharp objects, hot and items that may scar the delicate, smooth surfaces.



Wood is truly the most timeless and sustainable option for your home. It will instantly give your house an invaluable facelift and increase its living value. All you need is to get your wooden products from a reliable supplier for the best quality possible.

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