8 Reasons Why Wooden Furniture is the Most Sustainable Options for Your Home or Office

Many people buy PVC chairs and tables for their cost-effectiveness, but may later regret it when they visit homes and offices with some solid and classic wooden pieces. Wood is more expensive because more material and labor is spent, but the final item is often of such high quality that the price offered is worth it. Compared to PVC, laminate, and veneer, wood is the best choice for your living space furniture; whether a home or office. In addition to the positive first impression that wooden pieces offer compared to the other materials, here are other reasons why wooden furniture is the more sustainable option:



One of the biggest advantages of having wooden furniture is its remarkable durability. Even in flea markets and museums, you will often see pieces that are over 100 years old, some even being passed down generations. With proper care that involves protection from the elements, water, and pest infestation, your furniture will last long. What’s more, wooden furniture does not break as easily as items made of plastic.

Saves you money

A key aspect of sustainability is cost-effectiveness. As mentioned earlier, wooden items are more expensive compared to those made of other materials. However, it is also important to consider value for money. Many business executives say, “Nothing is expensive or cheap; it is about value for money.” This could not be truer when it comes to furniture. The durability of wooden furniture ensures that you will never have to spend a small amount of money every year in replacing broken, stretched out, or unsightly furniture. Wooden furniture will last lifetimes, so you should feel more comfortable spending a fortune in a one-time investment.


It brings nature into your home

Many people are now bringing in potted plants, earthy tones, and nature themes into their homes in an attempt to bring nature into their homes. If you live in the city in a small apartment, a feel of nature can often breathe some freshness into your home. A simple and unique way to bring nature to your home is to bring in some wooden furniture. Natural, fresh wood has a deep element of the outdoors, and will help to make your apartment happier and healthier. Bringing in nature into your home has been proven by psychological studies to reduce stress and have a calming effect, which improves its living value.


Wooden furniture is readily transformable

If you have an old piece of furniture, you can make it look new by giving it a new coat of varnish. Other ways of making a wooden piece look different include sanding and painting, which can be used to make your items meet your home’s theme or style. You do not have to change or buy new spaces if you want to transform your home to a new color pallet or style. You can also opt for the exposed wooden style for its authenticity.


It adds a classic feel to your home

Homes with wooden furniture look more sophisticated and stylish compared to those with items made of other materials like plastic. Solid wood has a vintage, rustic feel that adds elegance and warmth to your house. Wooden pieces can transform your house, however small, into a remarkably beautiful place.


It is eco-friendly

Wood is renewable, which means that used wood can readily be generated by afforestation and re-afforestation, which is the planting of tress in new places and places where trees have been cut, respectively. The waste products that come from workshops and industries that make wooden items are fully biodegradable by soil bacteria into carbon dioxide. These wastes (sawdust and wood chippings) can also be used as precursors for making briquettes that can be burned for energy. Sawdust is a raw material in industries that need robust packing material. This information justifies wood as the more eco-friendly option if you are environment conscious. Plastics, on the other hand, consume a lot of energy and harmful chemicals to create and are non-biodegradable, which increases your carbon footprint.


It makes an impression on your visitors

Making a positive impression on your home or office visitors is often an added advantage. Many people will admire a heavy mahogany door or wooden desk with a wooden swivel chair over items made of other pieces. Other materials may look beautiful, but wooden pieces possess an unspoken aesthetic, and high-quality feel that other materials cannot exude. Using solid wood furniture will portray you as serious about your home’s living value. In your office, they portray a symbol of your authority and have a great first impression on your clients.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

If you have a wooden dining set or desk, maintaining it is as easy as these tips:

  • Cleaning the pieces by dusting them with a soft cotton dry cloth at least twice a month or as often as the dust starts to accumulate
  • Minimize exposure to sunlight to avoid spotting
  • Wiping it with wood polish to keep it as dazzling as it was when you bought it. You can also wax it to enhance its shine and add a protective layer. Waxing once in three months is incredibly helpful in enhancing your pieces’ appearance.
  • Use warm water and dish soap to wipe your kitchen countertops and cabinets to remove dirt and food. Do not let the water soak the items, rather, wipe it down then remove residual moisture soon after.
  • Avoid placing very hot or cold objects on wooden tables. These may damage the finishing, burn the wood, or leave an unsightly impression. Place mats and tablecloths before placing the hot or cold items
  • If you notice any changes in the wooden hues, it is most likely acquiring a new, unique character, which is normal with wooden furniture. Some darken while others become lighter; you can inquire about the specific types of wood’s aging characteristics

The tips above are easy to carry out from home without expert advice. These items will not only keep your units dazzling but increase their durability.



As you can see above, there are many reasons to choose wooden furniture despite the massive expenses associated with them. They will make your home have better character, warmth, and elegance, and will provide better overall functionality.

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