Wood Products Sustainable: Everything You Need to Know

A few years ago you simply went out in a store and purchases wood, wherever it came from and however it was collected. Today, preserving the planet’s forests and trees is very important. It is important for our future survival and something that we have to get a grip on right now. As a result, buying wood has become a complex matter.

Luckily, we have wood products sustainable.


All About Sustainable Wood Products

If you don’t want to support deforestation or encourage illegal logging, you need to be aware of how to purchase sustainable wood products.

Sustainable wood comes from properly managed forests. Sustainable wood is renewable wood because the forest managers manage the environment and the landscape to prevent damage to watersheds, eco-systems, trees, and wildlife, taking long-term care of the resource.

In this context, sustainability means the trees and the forest should still be there for your children or grandchildren and be able to keep our air clean and soak up carbon dioxide for generations to come.

Wood products from unsustainable sources are made from wood that is chopped down without thinking about the bare areas left. Unless they are treated right, they never recover their former glory.

The point is clear, wood products made out of wood from unsustainable sources lead to wholesale destruction.


Why Bother Buying Wood Products Sustainable

Brazilian Amazon deforestation might not seem very important to you. It happens hundreds of miles from home and is something you can’t really relate to. Sadly, you are wrong.

You might not realize the harm that purchasing new Teak garden furniture or Mahogany flooring does. Buying unsustainable wood products has a huge effect on the areas where it is produced, including hunting of endangered species, human rights abuses, threatening the lifestyles of Indigenous tribes, and more.

Did you know that only 8% of the forest in the world is protected from destruction? Our demand for wood is voracious, as the timber industry. Much of the time wood products are produced unsustainably despite the best efforts of governments, conservationists, and lawmakers. The ugly truth is that money often speaks louder than sense and we are starting to realize that now.

For example, in Malaysia, timber production demands two times more trees than there are in existence. There are areas where there are no trees left. To be even worse, the wood or wooden products are being smuggled in from Indonesia to meet the market demand.

In other words, buying sustainable woodproducts is one way you show you care and support the future of the planet, the trees, and forests and at the same time protect the future of your grandchildren and great -grandchildren.


Which Woods Are Sustainable?

Timber is known as softwood from conifers or hardwood from broad leafed trees. Just because they are replaceable, species like Pine and Fir tends to be more sustainable than trees like Oak or slow-growing trees.

It is important for Oak forests to be managed carefully in order to make them more sustainable.

The EU has presented new legal measures to protect our forests and woodlands and currently, more trees are planted than chopped down. It is great news for our greet future, with forests growing instead of disappearing. Because the law places a requirement on replacing trees that have been harvested, buying wood products from Europa is a safe choice.

Wood products that are sourced from Africa, Asia, South America, the USA or Canada come with suspicious guarantees.

The sources can be made sustainable only through determination, hard work, and environmental support. A few international organizations are involved in checking forests across these regions. That will take some time. After all, they have a long way to go.

Forest clearance is big money, wood is big money, illegal logging is big business. If you are purchasing non-EU wood products, take care not to purchase products made from an endangered tree species.

These wood types are endangered and should be avoided by any cause:

  • Sapele

  • Murbau

  • Wenge

  • Ebony

  • Brazilian Mahogany

  • Burmese Teak

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How to Identify Sustainable Wood Products

It is important to know how to identify woodproducts sustainable. You should always look for certification of the product’s sustainable source, even if you are purchasing from the EU.

FSC or The Forest Stewardship Council is an independent organization supporting the world’s forests and responsible management of trees. Their official certification system provides standard-setting, as well as, trademark assurance to business or individual who is interested in protecting and supporting responsible forest management.

PEFC or Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification is also involved.

Both organizations can help wood products to come from sustainable sources only without harming the ecosystem and our environment.

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