7 Reasons Why You Need Wood Products Sustainable In Your Home

Sustainable wood, it is good for your mental health and is environmentally friendly.

With more people make better, greener lifestyle choices today, finding new ways to create a home that is eco-friendly, is high on the list for those decorating. Couples with wood being one of the most trending materials makes it easy to understand why wood is a natural choice for all homeowners.

However, there can be a huge environmental impact on choosing wood products if they are not sustainably sourced. There are many reasons why sustainable wooden floors, doors, and furnishings are eco-friendly options.

Keep reading and discover why you need to purchase only wood products sustainable for your home and garden.


It is Renewable Material

Wood is known as one of the most naturally renewable sources meaning it has less of an impact on the environment when compared to other energy sources and materials.

According to the British Woodworking Federation, more than 90% of the wood used in the UK is from forests in Europe (the forests in Europe grow by 600.000 hectares each year). These numbers show that sustainable wood is a readily-available resource and isn’t going to run out anytime soon.

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It Lasts Longer

Different factors affect how long wooden products last. Sustainable wooden products last longer for sure. The location of the product and the treatment applied to it affect the longevity of the product.

Generally, sustainable wood is lightweight but also durable. When treated right, sustainable woodproducts can last longer than a lifetime, over 100 years. And the longer wood lasts, the less resources and energy is used in the production of new household products. In other words, you are contributing to a greener and healthier environment. Feeling better already?


It Can be Recycled

With sustainable wood lasting 100 years or more, it is the perfect material for recycling. Did you know that using recycled wood actually keeps the carbon footprint low and limits the use or timber and importing costs while preserving the natural resources?

Recycling and reusing wood means less materials being burned which we all know pollutes the environment. Another benefit is that recycled wood furniture is full of charm and character.


Absorbs Carbon Dioxide

As you know, trees absorb carbon dioxide which lowers the carbon footprint of wood. Once wood absorbs CO2, it is stored there and remains out of our environment. It is pretty impressive how nature works, right?

In fact, wood is the only sustainable building resource and for every cubic meter used in construction, one tonne of carbon dioxide is kept.


Perfect for Retaining Heat

Buying sustainable wood products can keep you warm. How so?

Wood holds seven times more heat than other materials. For example, the cellular makeup of wood suggests that it retains heat better than other materials, better than ceramic tiles, for example. Air chambers within the wood absorb heat and create a warmer home. Logically, it requires less energy to heat your house which is kinder to the environment.

This is only one example. Imagine if you get wooden floors, wooden windows, wooden furniture. Your home will look lovely and you will have no trouble paying the heating bill in the winter.

Has a Positive Effect On Your Mental Health

According to one research, reducing the amount of self-made or man-made materials and welcoming natural alternatives, wood, for example, lowers anxiety and stress when you are at home.

In fact, wood has incredible psychological effects on homeowners and stress-reducing effect on the environment or nature. The research also shows that sustainable wood has a calming effect. Feeling anxious? Purchase wooden furniture or redecorate your home using wooden flooring and problem solved. You will feel less stressed.

This is based on the emotional experience that sustainable wood causes, for example, proximity to warmth, nature. Wood has a relaxing effect.


The Waste is Biodegradable

When wooden products are made out of sustainable wood, there is very little waste. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about windows, doors, furniture or smaller elements, any residual chipping can be burned and used during manufacture.

The waste produced is 100% biodegradable. In other words, it decomposes and breaks down into the earth, feeding the environment.

Wooden products in your home look absolutely beautiful, but it is always recommended to make sure the products you are buying come from sustainable forces. There are so many wood types and tree species, it is literally a minefield. Your best bet is to purchase from a reliable supplier, possibly with FSC accreditation.

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