Why Shopify Plus Is the Best B2B Wholesale Platform

Read this article and discover some of the best reasons why you should choose Shopify Plus as your b2b wholesale platform solution!


Today, B2B ecommerce is getting all the popularity and attention from online retailers. Shopify Plus is one of the best B2B wholesale platform solutions that hosts shops and brands all over the world and the number of users is constantly growing. With Shopify and the seamless shopping experience it offers, the sellers can sell high volumes in a simple and easy way.


The preferences of online shoppers change every day and because of this, the B2B marketplace has shifted as well. Luckily, Shopify Plus accept the challenge and offer features such as robust online search and simple navigation, high-quality photos and videos of products, give flexible shipping options, real-time insights about inventory, faster checkout with Shopify Pay, and much more.


Here are 3 reasons why Shopify Plus is known as the best B2B wholesale platform:

  1. Customer Ratings & Reviews: The B2B buyers want a detailed and user-generated content when shopping online. They are looking for reviews that will help them decide whether or not to purchase a certain item. Shopify Plus helps businesses by giving useful ratings and reviews which can be found on the website.
  2. Onsite Search Functionality: Website search is a super important functionality of a website. It helps customers to find and purchase the exact item they are looking for. The buyers who use site search are more likely to convert on your website and help business owners and retailers generate more revenue.
  3. Makes Wholesale Selling Easy: With Shopify Plus wholesale platform, wholesale becomes much simple. People who aren’t technical skillful or have no knowledge of coding can sell their items online thanks to the automatically generated storefront. Shopify Plus allows you to list a product with just one click, set a custom price, and much more. Using Shopify Plus can definitely save you a lot of effort and time.


B2B or business-to-business ecommerce is defined as the process of marketing, selling, and delivering products from one business to another through a digital portal. Shopify Plus is the type of B2B wholesale platform that gives the clients a chance to simplify the ordering process. It is easy to manage the wholesale platform and even easier to sell online to buyers from all over the world.


5 Features that Make Magento an Excellent B2B Wholesale Platform

Wondering whether Magento is a good choice when it comes to b2b ecommerce solution? Here are 5 features that make Magento a reliable and excellent B2B wholesale platform!


Did you know that b2b (business-to-business) in the US will reach $1.1 trillion by 2020? These numbers encourage b2b marketers and wholesale business owners to consider ecommerce solutions and sell items online for a smoother shopping experience. When it comes to b2b ecommerce solutions, a number of options are available, for example, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and others.

Magento has proven to be a great ecommerce solution for b2b wholesale customers. Magento was initially designed for B2C or business-to-consumer, and it has its own limitations for the b2b selling, however, they can be blown over by implementing some extensions.

Here we present to you 5 features that make Magento an excellent and reliable b2b wholesale platform:

  • Group Pricing: The b2b customers are more flexible when it comes to pricing. They require complex and more advanced pricing, for example, sales volume based prices, individual discounts, and etc. By taking advantage of Customer Group Catalog and Catalog Permissions, the B2B store owners can set up different product prices and catalogs.
  • Customer Segmentation: With Magento Enterprise, the website owners can get customer information to segment their shoppers in a better way and offer them a superb shopping experience.
  • Private Sales: Magento offers Private Sales feature that allows wholesale sellers to restrict some shoppers to access specific parts of the website.
  • Ordering: The wholesale shoppers who are doing everyday purchase from a specific online store know exactly what kind of items they are looking for. There is this extension “Order by SKU” which can speed up the process of bulk ordering. Once you implement this extension, the product list gets shown when users insert the SKU.
  • Payment: Magento has an option of payment by invoice which is called check or money order. If your B2B customers don’t have extra requirements, there is no need for any changes in this option. Magento also offers one more payment option called a credit limit.


Magento b2b ecommerce solution allows sellers to deal with the current b2b trends by providing scalability, flexibility, and control over the functionality, the look and feel, and content of the store. It is an excellent b2b wholesale platform and you should definitely consider it for your next project.


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