Where to sell your handmade wooden items locally

While many people out there may prefer the thrill and profit margins that come with selling beyond their borders, others may prefer the simplicity and hassle-free option of selling locally. Selling locally is essentially opening your business for people within your geographical boundaries. Selling locally can also be appealing if you have a limited volume of starting the inventory. There are many places today that let you grow a loyal and stable customer base in your own backyard. Here are a few ideas that will get you started:


Your friends and family

The first place to sell your wares is right in your home. Your family and friends will be very supportive when you first start selling your items, and will often make excellent first customers. You can also make customized versions for them to thank them for their support. Ensure that you do not give out any freebies (family and friends that ask for free items will ruin your business). Also, give them your business cards and treat them as respectfully as you would any other client.


Art galleries

If your wooden items are specifically outstanding or are unique sculptures, consider reaching out to the closest art gallery. Art galleries let artists and artisans display their items and odder them for sale.


Craft fairs

Does your local town throw craft fairs occasionally? These events provide the perfect place for you to display your products to an audience that is looking for your kind of items. Craft fairs are often held in local halls, churches, schools, and other social facilities, so keep an eye out for these. They feature handmade items like wooden crafts. In addition to getting market for your items, you can get inspiration for design and an idea of what your competitors are doing. As you interact with clients and other visitors, give them a business card so they can contact you for more pieces or find you on Etsy.



Many cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops are often looking for unique items to use as centerpieces for the tables or to improve their interior ambiance. Others may even let you display them for sale at the register or hang them on the wall along with prices in case a patron wants to buy.


Flea markets

Flea markets feature a vast array of products, but most of them offer more handmade items. To make the most of the crowds that throng flea markets, you need to plan what you will offer to ensure you meet their needs. Will you sell a variety of products or different variations of one item? Displaying many items or varying forms of one piece helps distribute the risk in case clients do not seem to like one.


Retail shops

If there are shops dealing in relevant items, you can set up a wholesale account with them. For instance, if you make wooden bowls, cooking sticks, and other forms of kitchenware, a convenience store or crockery store within the area can benefit from your items. Consider where your target clientele would enjoy shopping for kitchenware then request the specific stores for a meeting. Having a wholesale account with a local store will also help you form beneficial networks with other local entrepreneurs.


Pop-up store

A pop-up store is a quick and fun way to generate buzz for your brand and make a killing when people are shopping for gifts during the holidays. A pop-up store is a temporary retail store; it is an effective form of business for people hoping to learn how the retail industry works without having to make any long-term investments.


Local festivals

If you live in a place where local events and days are celebrated unanimously, you can use the celebrations to offer up your products for sale. Many of these festivals offer spaces for local vendors to display their wares for visiting tourists and other interested locals. During these events, offer unique incentives like small discounts in the spirit of the celebration.


Facebook Marketplace

You can sell locally on a platform like Facebook. Facebook marketplace is quickly getting popularity because it is free, low-risk, and has a massive user base. It is even easier to set up if you already have a Facebook account. Facebook marketplace lets you upload pictures of the wooden crafts you intend to sell, add their details, then people from your community that like the images can contact you for negotiation and pick up details.

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Instagram can help you sell your wooden crafts to people nearby. If you have any unique pieces, take some clean, well-lit pictures, tag your location, then add the items’ details as the caption. You do not have to worry about your safety, as the location is often not as specific as coordinates. Interested buyers will contact you to facilitate sales and collection.


Trade shows

Tradeshows are a fantastic avenue to make yourself known and network with other stakeholders in your niche. Rent out a stall in during the next tradeshow, decorate it with your brand logo and colors, arm yourself with some business cards and, of course, enough items to sell to show attendees. In a tradeshow, you may even capture the attention of a massive retail store and get a lucrative business deal.



The above places and websites will help you make the most of your hobby by selling your handmade wooden wares locally. If you are looking to get a feel of how the larger market out there will perceive your products and keep running costs low, consider selling your wares locally is also a great idea.

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