10 Profitable woodworking products that you can make and sell online

One of the best types of items to sell online is woodworking items. Everyone today is more style and nature-oriented, and nothing checks both of those boxes like wooden items. They look lovely, last long, and have a deep character to them. They are also relevant to clients of all ages. However, not every wooden item will make you a killing on your online store, so this article will highlight the hottest items right now.

Why sell your wooden products online?

Reduced costs!

To make some high-quality wooden products, you will incur some costs to obtain excellent wood, tools and equipment, varnishes, and other raw materials and capital. Starting online will save you rent, utilities, and salaries! This way, you can focus your capital on the most critical items you need to start a great woodworking business.

More spare time

Running an online store gives you access to tools that you can use to automate marketing, customer service, analytics, and other important business aspects. This way, you will have more time to craft some more pieces for clients, or even just take a break to revel in your hard work! You should not have to work so long that it begins to bog you down.

Renewable Material

Hundreds of potential clients online

Starting a physical store limits your client base to those available within a few kilometers radius of your store. On the other hand, an online store will expose you to millions of people at one go! With the right tools and excellent quality products, you can market your products and even sell and ship out nationally and globally.


If you want to move, you will not have thousands of logistics issues to handle. You will simply pack up your laptop, router, inventory, and tools, and leave! Again, you can run an online business from anywhere, a plane, home, or abroad.

Unlimited income

Online businesses never close down. So long as your website is still live, internet users all over the planet can view your items and make inquiries. You no longer have to be present to process a transaction; your store runs even as you sleep.

Wooden clocks

People no longer want the plain office-like wall clocks in their home. A wooden clock is a time machine encased in a wooden frame with an intuitive design. Use your creative intuition to craft something unique, or check YouTube or Pinterest for tutorials on how to make a lovely wooden clock.

Water bowl for a pet

Pet bowls are another simple option for a beginner in the world of woodwork and can make great sales as more people bring pets into their homes. Ensure that the bowl is not easily knocked off balance, is functional, and friendly with pets of all kinds. You can go the extra mile and customize it with a unique decoration like a paw print or a specific pet’s name.

Shelving items

Shelving is quite straightforward, and its design will depend on what the client wants. There are several default types that they can choose from;

  • Modern
  • Industrial
  • Ristic
  • Farmhouse

You can also check Pinterest for inspiration on how to use reclaimed wood to make remarkable shelves for clients. You will simply smooth the boards and apply some varnish to finish the shelf up.

Phone holders

Phone holders are used to place a smartphone or tablet in a place where you can easily find it in the kitchen or office. You can add different trays on it to make it look different and multifunctional. Browse through Etsy for some more great ideas.

Entryway organizers

This is a unique unit consisting of shelves, coat and hat hooks, and other shelves for keys, letters, and other items that you would spot in the entryway of a home or office. These are quite easy to make and would have to be of high-quality wood to match the expectation of high profile homes or offices.

Wall décor

Many students moving into new dorms or rooms will want some unique and artsy items to make their rooms look less drab. This demand may be the reason why wooden wall décor items fly so fast off Etsy’s virtual shelves. You can make wooden butterflies, arrows/chevrons, painted designs, frames, names, shapes, encouraging quotes, and other unique designs. Here, your inspiration will have to guide you to design some intuitive and unique pieces that fit as wall décor.

Step stool

This is a more functional piece used to help children reach something higher, like a sink or kitchen cabinet. Step stools can have one or two steps, and a client can select any depending on what their child requires. You do not need to add any decorations to this product, only ensure that it is child-friendly.


This suggestion is quite specific, but nothing goes well with the warm glow of a candle like a wooden stand. Ensure that the stands you make are safe for use with candles, and have some unique painting or design on the stem. Candle holders are an excellent option for you if you are a beginner or also sell candles.

Business card holder

Organizing business cards can be quite tasking, but you can make it less annoying by designing and offering your clients a wooden business cardholder. A wooden cardholder will prevent the dozens of cards from spilling out onto the floor every time their owner pulls one out. If you can customize it with the business owners’ names, you could get a request to make branded company cardholders!

Serving trays

Serving trays are a key component of a successful breakfast-in-bed surprise. A serving tray is a unique tray that is carved out to hold a glass, cup, plate, and silverware without the chance that it will all spill out. The market for serving trays is growing on Etsy, with one going for as much as $40!



Hopefully, the above list will give you some inspiration to set up your online woodwork store and ideas for your first inventory. Ensure you customize the product, place the client first, and use non-toxic wood.

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