The Most Profitable Woodworking Projects to Build and Sell

Woodworking projects are a great way to earn extra money. Who doesn’t want handmade goods beautifying their living spaces, right?

People love decorating their homes and giving gifts that have that unique touch to them because everyone is out there looking for the one thing that is really special and made with love.

There are a lot of things you can make with your hands. If you want to put your skills to good use creating products people want, here are profitable woodworking projects to build and sell online.


How to Sell Handmade Wood Products Online

Start by reading online guides, tips and tricks on how to sell handmade wood products online. You can also watch videos or consider taking a marketing class online. Once you have a good product, you need a website to list your products and market your business.

To attract people to your site, use the right keywords. There is no harm in using social media to get more traffic to your site. Social media platforms are great for promoting your creations.

Woodworking projects are an easy way to turn your hobby into a successful and highly profitable business. You can sell your products on marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy or via your own website.

Woodworking Products Proven to Sell the Best

Take a look at the best wood project ideas that are easy to build and sell online:


Storage Box

A wooden storage box is super easy to create. If you are a beginner, this is the perfect product for you to build.

Another good thing about building a storage box is that it can be sold for a much higher price. So, get down to work and design the most beautiful wooden storage box. Impress your customers.


Box Shelves

Home decor wood projects do well when it comes to online sales. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and start building box shelves today.

You can build individual small boxes and join them together in one big box. It is up to you. Use your creativity.

Wine Rack

What a nice idea! Wine racks are great to build because wine lovers love their bottles and will appreciate a good, solid rack to hold their precious wines.

Make sure to create your wine rack more unique to stand out from other sellers and you should be able to make good money from it.


Jewelry Box

For some reasons, people love wooden jewelry boxes. Maybe is because they got a bit of sophistication to them, I don’t know. A jewelry box is considered a high-end product and can be sold for $50 or more which is great for you.

You can make your boxes more versatile or choose one design and stick to it. Test both options and see what is best for you.


Beer Caddy

One thing that is always going to be popular is combining quality woodworking with the craftsmanship of nice beer. Sitting back in your comfortable chair and pouring yourself a good beer feels more sophisticated when you pull the beer out of a wooden, handmade beer caddy.

This project requires extra precision, so it is better to have a mentor or someone who can provide you with instructions to follow.


Wooden Toys

This is one of the most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell. Not only are they durable but wooden today’s look fabulous in children’s bedrooms and nurseries.

Ready to put your working hat one and make wooden puppets, dolls, trains, and more?


Fruit Bowls

Fruit Bowls are a necessary feature in every home, providing practical and eye-catching quality in dining rooms and kitchens. These home accessories look even more beautiful when made out of wood.

Whether they are made from fragmented pieces or from solid wood pieces, fruit bowls are a popular item, every homeowner would want to have. It is a very profitable woodworking project.

Wooden Furniture

Let’s be honest – it is really hard to resist a beautiful, handmade wooden furniture that provides a practical and lasting feature in your home. From mahogany wardrobes to coffee tables, set yourself a profitable woodworking project making unique furniture.



When made from high-quality wood, birdhouses look incredible. They aren’t so difficult to build as you might have thought.


Dog Beds

Dog Beds can be really expensive and dog owners looking for a cheaper alternative, ones made from wood are really attractive

Dog beds made out of wood are comfortable, sturdy, and attractive and they aren’t difficult to build making them a profitable project to build and sell.

These woodworking project ideas are great as they have the potential to become the best money makers since they are so popular.

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