Effective Tips to Sell Woodproducts Online on Social Media

Social media and social selling have become vital parts of every successful and reputable business for sales success. Social media success doesn’t start and end with creating a profile and uploading some images.

Selling woodproducts online on social media is a serious project and you take as such. Social selling is part form and part science and when done right, will help you nurture the leads, shorten the sales cycle, and boost your sales. That is because with social selling you can get to the heart of people and meet them when they are most receptive and ready to buy.

In this article, we will share great strategies and tips to sell woodproducts online on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Are you ready to take your sales efforts to the next level?


Let’s start.


Take Time to Build the Foundation

You can’t be an expert at selling wood products online unless you build a strong foundation for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. So many brands from the wood production industry don’t even have social media presence while others seem to just create their accounts and end up getting nothing out of them.

Don’t make this mistake. Having a social media presence is important these days. Think of each platform as a mini-website and place relevant information so that potential buyers will find it professional and will want to purchase your unique wood products.


Keep Profiles Up to Date

One of the most effective social selling practices that many people tend to miss is keeping the profiles updated and relevant. You want your profile to be a place where any business partner or potential customer can visit and find out information they would want to create a relationship with you.

It is also important to make sure your image looks professional. You are selling products the customer can’t touch or feel. Having a great photo is crucial to convince customers to purchase your photo. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling shelves, jewelry box or wine rack, take high-quality photos from every angle and post for your customers to see your product up-close.


Create Relationships Not Sales

Nobody but nobody likes the idea of being sold something. It simply makes customers feel like they have been used by a salesperson. Even if you sell wood masterpieces, you need to first create a relationship with the potential customer before making a sale.

On social media, people are overwhelmed with all kinds of offers on a regular basis. Don’t put extra pressure on them. Take the time to form relationships first and then make the sale.


Interact Regularly

For social selling to be successful, you must interact with fans and followers. Also, those interactions must be honest and not forced. Start conversations with your target group and keep them coming until you reach a conclusion.

It is also important to add value and become a reliable resource in the industry. Provide accurate information, offer solutions, give useful advice, share success stories, and have conversations about topics you have in common.


Don’t Forget Your Existing Customers

In the quest for more sales and bigger revenue, it can be easy to forget your existing customers. Remember, it is five times more expensive to get a new customer than to retain the old one. If they have purchased your wood products before, they will likely purchase again.

Assuming they will is not enough. You need to take good care of your existing customers. Ask profound questions, nurture relationships to keep them special, and keep them engaged.


Continue the Conversation on Other Channels

Social selling pros don’t limit their communication to one channel. If you are interacting with your customers on Facebook, don’t think you can’t also be connected on Instagram or Pinterest. Different platforms have different feels, so connect on as many as possible.


Track Results and Make Changes (If Necessary)

Learning from what you have already tried is an effective way to maximize ROI. By collecting data and insights from past efforts, it will become obvious what works and what doesn’t and be able to make adjustments accordingly.

Every successful seller tests, measures, and tracks, so if you want to be among the pros, it should also be part of your social selling.


Be Patient

When it comes to social selling, you need to be patient. Even if you are offering the best selling wood products online, you can’t expect to make a sale quickly. Sometimes, it takes time and there is no quick fix.

These tips should help wood sellers to harness the power and influence of social selling. The key is persistence and a positive attitude to provide buyers with solutions.

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