7 Woodwork projects that will make you profits

Make some great cash from your creative talent by starting an online woodwork shop! Browsing through Etsy will reveal that people are willing to pay top dollar for excellent artsy pieces made of wood for their elegance and natural charm. It is therefore absolutely possible to make a full living today from your woodworking hobby. All you will need is some tools, paint, varnish, inspiration, patience, and, of course, wood! You also need to have an idea of the kinds of pieces that people today are willing to buy, and this article will highlight the best-selling items on sites like Etsy and Amazon.

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How to be a successful woodwork seller:

Find a niche

Who are you most interested in reaching out to? Teens, children, office executives, interior décor designers? Would you like to make pieces for homes, offices, toys, or gifts for women? Choosing and sticking to one niche is vital to build a solid reputation. There are hundreds of sellers who are gifted and able, so stand out from them by honing your skills in the creation of one particular product.

Carry out some product research

By finding this article, you are doing some excellent product research. Carry on, and find out details like prices being charged by competitors, designs, regulations, and ideas for further inspiration.

Decide on a site to sell your products

Many sites exist where you can set up shop, like Etsy, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Select one where your target market will likely find your product and has low transaction fees. Also ensure that you understand how the site works, policies, rules, and other crucial aspects.

Design it, build the item, and sell it

Source some high quality, non-toxic wood (wood that has not been treated with hazardous chemicals), varnish, and a set of reliable tools and get started. As soon as you are done with your works of art, take some well-lit pictures from all dimensions then upload them. If your smartphone camera is grainy, have a professional photographer take them instead. People will not want to buy a product they can barely see.

Market your store

Promote your store heavily to get clients coming to your store. Create some buzz on social media with your talent and use paid ads to get some positive attention.

Aim to be better

What can you offer your clients that your competitors are not? Examples include excellent packaging, discounts, colors, customization, additional features, and other incentives that will keep clients coming back for more. Think like a client, and imagine what you would want from an online woodwork store.


Great! Now that you have some basic steps to making your store, here are some of the items you can sell on it:


Wooden letters

If you chose to offer personalized gifts for sale, personalized wooden letters spelling out their name or offering a personal message are a perfect present. If you are great at making jigsaw puzzles, even better! Each letter can cost $2-$20, depending on their intricate designs. Many people want to offer their significant others gifts with a rustic, artsy feel, and your talent can feel the demand for these items.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are exceedingly useful in a small apartment, and are an intuitive way to display some memoirs, photos, trophies, or even books. You can obtain some pre-cut pieces of wood or use a table saw to cut the wood you already have to the right sizes. With some smoothing and varnish, you will be all set. You can scroll through Etsy or Pinterest for DIY instructions for making such shelves.

Portable home gardens

Having some potted plants in the house makes for some relaxation and incorporation of the outdoors. Many people are shying away from plastic containers because they are not pleasant to the sight and get damaged quite fast. All you need to make a working home garden is to design a box-like structure with some divisions for each plant to have sufficient space. These can cost anywhere between $15-$100 and have a sizable demand.

Bath trays

Bath trays add functionality to a bathtub. They are used to place a novel, aromatic candles, or wine so that they are easily accessible to someone enjoying a soak after a long day. Bath trays can be made more functional by adding slots for a cell phone or specific areas for each item.

Bowls and chopsticks

If you have some ready access to bamboo, then this is your item of choice! Create some lovely bowls and chopsticks that people with loving for Asian culture will want to add to their kitchenware. Even better, add some engraving with a client’s name for a birthday gift and increase the price. You can also add some ancient Asian quotes, sayings, or symbols to increase their aesthetic value.

Coffee table

Are you looking to go big? Then a coffee table is an excellent, big project. Each will take time and more resources to put together, but with the right design, they can rake in great earnings. Consider checking out Etsy and Pinterest for captivating designs.

Wine rack

Nothing says classy like a rustic rack for one’s expensive collection of wines. Instead of the usual cabinets, a well-designed wine rack is a better option. They are easy to make and finish, and will definitely add style to a home office or bar. If you can craft a traditional, almost medieval style rack, you can sell each for $50.



There are hundreds of functional and helpful things that you can create, package, and sell online and make a great living. All you need is to put in the hard work, pay extra attention to clients’ unique needs, and remain up to date with trends in woodwork and design via Pinterest and Etsy.

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