7 Tips for selling wooden products online

Today, there are hundreds of websites where you can make some good money from your woodworking hobby. If you believe your products are exemplary and can make a remarkable difference in someone’s home or office, why not create them and put them up for sale? Selling your woodworking products will not be easy, but you should not have to give up because of the challenges you have not encountered yet. Looking through the following tips for selling wooden crafts online is a smart first step in beginning your adventure. Read through these guidelines and start your wooden products business on the right foot:


Find a niche

There are dozens of items that you can create and sell. Search engine results will reveal even more wooden crafts that people would want to buy. Having a niche will help you focus your efforts, resources, and research. It will also help clients identify your store as a reliable source for a specific item, which will make your brand more cohesive.

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Do not close your mind off to Etsy

Etsy is the largest online store for artsy items like jewelry, vintage pieces of clothing, accessories, and wooden crafts. Over one million sellers already have thriving stores on Etsy. Often, many sellers choose Etsy because it is the go-to site for many buyers for woodworking items of the highest quality.

However, if you are just starting your store, the cutthroat competition is often overwhelming. The established stores already have a solid financial base, which makes it possible for them to lower their prices to edge out the competition. Trying to lower your costs will ruin your young business, yet having the standard prices will not bring any clients. Moreover, listing just a few items may not get you any success. If you already have a large cache of excellent items for sale, Etsy is a great place to start. Later on, you can move to any of these other marketplaces:

  • Bonanza
  • MadeitMyself
  • DaWanda
  • Craft is Art
  • ArtFire

Look through these sites and determine whose pros outweigh the cons, then set up shop.


Make your website user-friendly and appealing to the site

A website that sells creative items must also portray competence in design by having an excellent website design. Clients looking for vintage and unique pieces may judge you based on your site appearance. A lovely, intuitive website will make your brand memorable.

While appearance is important, a site that is easy to use and navigate is also as important. Accessing your products and their details, your blog, payment, and customer support should be quick and easy.



Marketing is essential for sustained business growth. Continuously promoting your brand and crafts is important to keep them fresh and relevant on clients’ minds. Today, the most effective marketing efforts are done digitally.

If you already have an online store, consider starting a blog where you can write about art, interior design, wooden articles. You can write a piece that features your star products, e.g., ‘5 Wooden Pieces that will Instantly transform your living room.’

A social media presence is also a must; open accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and other networking sites where you can engage with potential clients. Upload pictures of your most stunning items and interact with your clients on a light, fun way. Even better, have paid ads on these social media sites and hire an influencer to bring even more traffic to your social media pages.

Take high-quality product photos

Just like your woodworking talent, photography is an art that you can leverage to bring even more clients to your business. Your clients want to confirm the quality of your crafts down to the smallest details, so provide photos that are so HD that they can see them. You cannot hand them your products to inspect for themselves, so let your product images provide sufficient detail. In addition to product listings, you can use your high-resolution product images for product promotion, blogging, and social media posts.


Make your website SEO-friendly

If you opt to start your own woodwork-selling online store, you want to bring plenty of organic traffic to your website to increase sales. To increase your online store’s organic traffic, your site must show up on the top ten positions on all relevant search engine results. To improve your search engine ranking, you need to find and integrate the right keywords on your website. For instance, if you make customized candleholders, you can use ‘Custom wooden candleholders’ in your blog posts and product descriptions. You can also use tools like Google Keyword Planner to find the right keywords for your site.

Other ways to improve your site SEO include:

  • Improving site speed
  • Social media integration
  • Effective Meta description use
  • Having an SSL certificate
  • Posting often to your blog


Optimal pricing

Pricing is a critical aspect in determining your store’s success. If your charges are way higher than those of other sellers, buyers will not purchase your items. Again, prices that are too low may not adequately cover your raw material and other overheads or give you any profit. They may also portray your products as low quality and put off high-value clients. You must achieve a delicate balance between the two. A great way to determine the right price is to find out what other clients charge for similar products.



Running a thriving woodworking store is all about high-resolution images, offering excellent and unique products that work, and optimal pricing. In an industry that is also highly competitive, consistency, marketing, and patience are also vital for success.

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