5 of the Best Places to Sell Your Handmade Wooden Items Online

Whether or not you want to make a permanent or temporary store, many sites will allow you to display and sell your handmade wooden products at little or no fees. All you will need is build your inventory, confirm with local or state authorities to determine the legal requirements, pick your site, and get started.

Handmade crafts are a unique niche on their own. They demand an exclusive clientele and evoke feelings of warmth, creativity, and craftsmanship. As a unique niche, handmade items also have a whole host of marketplaces dedicated to selling them as effectively as possible. These sites offer you exactly what you need to display your items and act as a pool where your target audience converges to purchase exceptional items. If you have some excellent pieces that you believe will impress art enthusiasts enough into making a purchase, consider setting up shop on any of the websites listed below:


Etsy is often the most popular website when it comes to selling handmade wooden crafts. Etsy is home to the best vintage, unique, boho, and other artsy items. Etsy lets you build a reputable online store where you can display your crafts and accept payments. You can quickly set up your shop, after which you are charged 20 cents to list an item for up to four months or until it sells, and a 3.5% commission for the sale.

To use Etsy, you register with a valid credit card to facilitate the billing of your monthly listing fees and commissions. They will send you an invoice, which you pay before the 15th of every month.


  • It is reliable and popular. The website has facilitated the sale of items worth over $3 billion, which means that you can very easily make a great living here!
  • There is virtually no barrier to entry; setting up shop is absolutely free. You will pay a transaction and payment processing fee.


  • Etsy’s popularity is a double-edged sword. While it will bring many buyers to the site, it will bring many sellers as well. Over two million stores exist, which translates to stiff competition. The challenge will be even more significant if you are a beginner in the field. Established stores will have a financial and customer base edge that will take you time to overcome.
  • If your item does not sell in four months, it will be delisted, and you will have to pay 20 cents to relist it. You, therefore, have to keep a close eye on your listed items.

etsy woodworking marketplace


Artfire is another great crafts-selling website with its headquarters based in the Tuscon Art District. For a small monthly fee, you can set up shop and list up to 250 items at a go! This marketplace is your best bet if your wooden pieces have a vintage feel or are looking to supply or obtain digital art materials. Setting up your shop here is free, though you pay a monthly fee of about $20 per month. You can set up payment gateways like PayPal, ProPay, and Amazon Payments so clients can easily pay for your crafts.


  • Your storefront and product pages will not be creeping with ads
  • You can have 250 active listings
  • Regular discounts and promotions that can lower your monthly fee


  • The monthly minimum fee, which is payable regardless of whether you make sales or not
  • To list more items, you will have to subscribe to a higher premium package, like Featured or Popular shop.

Handmade at Amazon

Many people may not be aware of Amazon’s unique store for handmade crafts. However, the Handmade at Amazon is another reputable site for you to set up shop.


  • Amazon is already a widely trusted brand with a national and global reach
  • Handmade at Amazon lets you sell a wide variety of woodworking crafts. If you have other handmade items that you can sell besides wooden ones, this marketplace has a place for them too.


  • The biggest catch with Handmade at Amazon is the stringent barrier to entry. You must apply to be a seller, and most applications are turned down.
  • Getting your items discovered on mainstream Amazon may be a challenge since Handmade at Amazon is a separate entity. You will need to be creative and direct when using your keywords.


Bonanza is an online marketplace for crafts that has existed for ten years and is cost-effective compared to many sites. With Bonanza, you can either set up a store on the marketplace or build your own online store. Setting up shop on Bonanza marketplace is free.


  • You can import your Amazon, Etsy, and eBay listings if you already have stores on these sites
  • No listing or monthly fees for displaying your handmade wooden items


  • Reduced shopper traffic compared to Etsy, Amazon, and eBay
  • Higher commissions are charged for opting to have your products found on Google Shopping pages.


Zibbet is another largely unknown site for selling wooden crafts. Its slogan is ‘the largest marketplace in the world that stays true to the definition of handmade.’ Zibbet gives you access to a global clientele and lets you import your Etsy listings. Depending on your monthly plan, your monthly fees will range between $4 to $16.


  • Zibbet keeps the competition relatively low with less than 55,000 sellers, which is way friendlier compared to Etsy’s two million sellers
  • Your monthly package will include web hosting and custom domain name costs and is billed annually


  • To remove Zibbet’s brand name from your website and be able to customize your storefront fully, you will need to subscribe to the Unlimited plan, which is the most expensive.
  • Regardless of the plan you choose, the maximum number of product pictures you can upload is limited (4 for the starter package, 8 for the pro and unlimited packages).


Having a remarkable talent and taking the time to make some excellent wooden crafts for sale is intensive, and making money from your hard work will often prove to be more tasking. Selecting the right site to make your products is key for continued and optimal success.

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